Voluntaryist Volunteers

Voluntaryist Volunteers Facebook Page

Voluntaryist Volunteers is a decentralized group based in New Hampshire that advocates for voluntaryists all over the world to set up volunteer groups in their local area to help out other people to show what a voluntary society can look like. This could be anything like helping your local community after a natural disaster, helping out in volunteer organizations, helping victims of abuse, etc. while always displaying the voluntaryist values that make us such great people.

The Volunteer Committee of the group is scattered all over the US, with members in New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachussetts, North Carolina and Missouri. We want to spread the message of voluntaryism to one and all and we believe the best way to do that is to show it!

We have a new podcast that will be recorded weekly and put on here, our upcoming website and on the Facebook page.

Voluntaryist Volunteers Radio Show Recording 6/5/2012

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