Prison System Protest

On May 20th, 2012 I attended Social Sundays put on by the Free Keene folks and that was followed by a protest outside of the Cheshire County Jail in Keene, NH. Myself, Ian Freeman, Paul Hassler, Chris Cantwell, David Crawford and Julia all took up signs and took to opposite sides of Highway 101 to protest the prison system. We currently have two friends and civ dis fellows in the Cheshire Co Jail, sarcastically called the Keene Spiritual Retreat Center! Derrick  J. Freeman is facing up to 105 days in jail for victimless crimes and Beau Davis is in for 31 days for possession of an illegal substance (another victim of the War on Drugs). We received a generally good response from folks driving by. Only one car yelled at us negatively. He called us “Fucking Commies”. That made me laugh! This person obviously knows nothing about what we or the communists stand for. His ignorance is not only contemptible but incredibly sad. I have had heated discussions with people over the War On Drugs because I find it to be a waste of money and it destroys the economy, the family and society as a whole. Decriminalize all drugs now! I also advocate for the nullification & peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience of bad laws. Every day each one of us breaks at least three laws with zero knowledge. How can a society live this way? 


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